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Flight to Abu Dhabi

1st leg completed!

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Good morning all! It's 9.10am here in Abu Dhabi, which makes it 6.10am UK time, not sure what day it is. I haven't slept since Wednesday night but I actually feel ok at the moment. Is it Friday today? I think it is - which makes it my sister, Camilla's 30th birthday! HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY CAH-PUH!!!! Hope you like your presents! Wish I could see your face when you open the ones from me...

I'm currently sat in an airport lounge for EXECUTIVE people ONLY - having paid $28 to come in here. Actually, no it was $30 because the woman didn't have any change! Yeah right. I'm the worst dressed person in here by far. Not sure what I get for my money in here but I'm sure it's free bar, free food, and shower...I'm too scared to order anything in case it's a lie and I'll have some massive bill when I leave! I have to stay at this airport for another 5 hours yet. Think I've been here for almost 2 hours... not impressed with it really - lots of expensive looking shops and I look like a tramp.

I cried for most of my journey on the plane - not because it was a bad flight but because it was really horrible saying goodbye to Steve and my mum at the airport. It's just me and Timmy now (Timmy is my teaching-aid teddy - I've decided to take him with me everywhere I go!) I'll upload a photo of him drinking some wine later. I watched 'The Soloist' on the plane (just been released at cinema!) which also made me cry. What a brilliant film. Don't think anyone I was sat by could see the tears streaming down my face. The flight overall was fantastic - would definitely recommend Ethiad Airways - you were right Dickie! I had salmon salad for starters and lamb kofte with rice for main. Drinks were all free unlike OnurAir! Had a choice of about 50 different films to watch and had loads of good music to listen to. I even got to listen to MJ's 'Thriller' album!

I'm going to check out the rest of this airport lounge now as my eyes are starting to strain from writing this...no I don't need glasses. When I get to Kathmandu at 8.30pm tonight, I certainly won't be typing into this blog - I wonder what my bed/room is going to be like?! We will have to wait and see, won't we!

See you in Kathmandu everyone x wish me luck!

Love Nadine xxxx

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Ahhh - Well done Nadz. Glad you've made it through round 1! Should have gone nuts in the Exec Lounge - what would they have done if you refused to pay the bill - kick you out the country?!?!!!! HA!
Good luck on your next leg. I'll keep a close eye on this blog thingy to see how you're getting on.

Love from London,

by Taylorlu

You should have had all the drinks you wanted they are free. we used to use these lounges when on business trips
Good luck,,Anna et Jean-Louis

by ajl

I hope that by the time you read this you would have arrived safely. Lisa and both look forward to your next instalment - Anthony & Lisa

by amica

Hi Nadz, so pleased and happy to get your blog! Been thinking of you all night/day and worrying bout you! It was really hard saying goodbye, but I know you will have a great time once you settle in to it :o) Hopefully by now you will have arrived in Nepal.Love you loads, take care,will email you as well. Mama XXXXXXXXXXX

by mamaluv

by the way we saw the Soloist and we cried too!! Lovely film innit :o)

by mamaluv

Hi Nadz great to here your new news! Not too surprised to hear about the rip off merchants. Had a similar experience when we went to Jamaica at the airport. Bloke demanded money for helping with bags and I didn't have any change... ended up giving him about $500 Jamaican dollars to make him go away,I think that was the only money I had! Learnt the hard way, sadly so might you!! "You'll learn Nadine and you'll learn the hard way"!!!!! ha ha ha! Glad you have made a friend :o) Don't worry too much about the CFC scarf, wasn't meant to be. You can get another when you come home. Get to know your host family and I could always post something to them for you if you give me their address? Will email you later, but for now take care, don't engage with strangers in the street until you are a bit more au fait with the set up there!
Love you loads... xxxx Mama xxxx

by mamaluv

Nice to hear from ou and read your latest blog ! what a time you are having make the most of it -
Take care - Jean-Louis & Anna

by micajl

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